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Criminal Justice Name Institution Course Date The primary challenge of developing and implementing a risk-based supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) cyber security program is the rate at which cyber threats are expanding. The cyber threats are growing at a rapid rate making it a big challenge for engineering managers to come up with systems that are safe from cyber-crime. Besides risks to SCADA systems are rapidly evolving hence more resources are needed to mitigate the expanding risk map (Henrie, 2013). Engineers must ensure that they are adequately reducing cyber risks. The incapacitation or even destruction critical systems can have a significant impact on the defense and economic security of the United States hence the need to address the challenges to SCADA systems. SCADA programs should incorporate risk assessment methods so as to help them in responding to emerging threats and risks. Risk assessment methods that can be included in SCADA programs include the risk quantification/consequence matrix. This approach provides an organization with a mechanism for assigning an assessed state to the question of the overall cyber security risk. This method reduces the analysis to qualitative terms that are usually assigned based on input from the subject matter. The next is the successful exploit plot which quantifies an organization’s risk level based on the combined variables of the probability that vulnerability is present and that a threat agent can successfully exploit the vulnerability (Panton, 2013). These risk assessment methods have a weakness since they fail to adequately quantify a profile of risks that show the occurrence of very low

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