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The Target Security Breach Name: Institution: The Target Security Breach Summary of the Target security breach The target security breach occurred in November and December of the year 2013. It is worth noting that Target is one of the largest American retail companies. The attackers managed to access the computer network that belonged to the Target. Upon gaining access, they stole both the personal as well as the financial information that belonged to their clients. The stolen information was in the form of the card's details that the Target shop was using the period of the November 27 and December 18. The card details included the type of the card, the track data, the cards expiry date, the issuing bank, the country of origin, and the rate of usage of the card. The number of the affected clients that were affected by the attack were estimated to be over 110 million. After stealing this vital information, they went further to transfer them to another server that was found in the Eastern Europe (Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, 2014). The vulnerabilities that enabled the Target security breach to occur From the presented data, it can be argued that the main cause of this widely publicized security breach is negligence, which made the Target vulnerable to the attack. The negligence on the side of the Target was responsible for their failure to detect and eliminate the attack. These negligence includes giving the third party (a small Pennsylvania HVAC company) network access by the Target. It is believed that it is from this third party where the attackers managed to gain access to the Target's network. Besides, Target assumed and

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