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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Quality Analysis The quality improvement plans of both Sunny Brooks and Joseph Brant hospitals reveal that both uses five quality dimensions in laying their plans for the coming year as well as in analyzing their previous year’s performance. The five dimensions include Efficiency, patient-centeredness, Efficiency, Timeliness, and Safety. The plans are also endorsed by the board of directors as well as the Chairman of Quality Committee. There are however major differences in the plans layouts. Sunny Brooks Hospital plan is made up of three parts i.e. the narrative which consists of a brief overview of the areas of focus and strategic goals. The first is a work plan consisting of a detailed spreadsheet detailing the hospital’s targets, plans, and recommended indicators. Lastly, a progress report that outlines the key milestones achieved from the previous year’s plans. Joseph Brant Hospital plan, on the other hand, is divided into two parts: the overview and progress report and spreadsheets containing indicators and targets. Whereas sunny Brooks lists five indicators of improvement, Joseph Brant has eight indicators of development. The plan of sunny Brooks Hospital is well detailed as it just lists the achievements, targets, and indicators without further explanation of how they were achieved or how the hospital intends to meet them. This is quite evident considering that their spreadsheets are four pages in size. On the other hand, Joseph Brant Hospital has a twenty-eight-page spreadsheet that clearly outlines the methods to be used in achieving the outlined goals. Question 2 The perfectionist mentality can

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