Lying in Public Service

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Lying In Public Service Name Institution Lying in Public Service The concept of lying is an act of betrayal, primarily if it emanated from politicians and directed to the general public. It defines their (i.e., politicians, military and government leaders, business leaders) lack of respect and unfairness towards the people they represent thereby, destroying their nature and debasing their character. Deception by political officials results from their desire to “cover-up” a fact or event, for concealment of the truth, or to gain a political purpose through influencing the opinion of the public. Nonetheless, politicians believe that it is worth the risk to lie rather than reveal the truth; people are more obliged to hear what they want politicians to “feed” them (Carl, 2007). In times of political jeopardy or war, deception might not be the ideal option however it is assumed to carry fewer consequences than telling the truth. Lying to the public can be considered as an evil act, especially towards a population that elevated the respective politician to power. In some cases, it can be argued that lies are for the common good of the general public, but politicians fail to realize that at some point in time the truth shall be revealed. The phrase “the truth shall set you free” seems to be insignificant when life-threatening scenarios impact a society. The politicians are torn between showing the magnitude of the situation and risking their political position by lying to the public. However, it is democratic, to tell the truth; lying impedes it (Fenwick, 2006). The sense of trust a society had on their leader substantially declines since most people view

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