Lung cancer

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Name Institution Date Lung Cancer Introduction Cancer refers to the uncontrolled segregation of cells of abnormal cells described as the cancerous growth of cells. Lung cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in different parts of the lungs and its tissues. It is among the most popular and dangerous forms of cancer and contributes to more cancer death than any other type of cancer. The growth of tissues can lead to tumors that extend beyond the lungs occurs in a process known as metastasis; where the malignant tumors grow aggressively from their point of origin and can even move to the lymphatic system and the bloodstream. The lung is a vital organ in the human body, the nature of lung cancer makes it very dangerous and also difficult to cure. Even though lung carcinoma can spread to other body organs, specific organs are usually affected first by the metastasis like the liver, brain, adrenal glands, and bones. The lung can also be affected by the spread of malignant tumors from other body organs and tissues. The majority of people diagnosed with lung cancer are tobacco smokers and mostly later in life with statistics showing an average age of 65-71. It is critical that each is sensitized on the various types of cancer and most importantly lung cancer; this paper presents an elaborate analysis of lung cancer explaining its history, epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology, pathology, symptoms, and treatment. Historical Background of Lung Cancer. Lung cancer was not known by many before people started smoking a cigarette; it was recognized as a disease in 1761. Various attributes of lung cancer were described further in 1810. An 1878 autopsy identified

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