Luke’s paper

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Love of Enemies Luke, the author of the passage, much like the rest of the Gospel used a tense of the Greek verb ‘Love’ that was depicted as implying a continuous abiding to the rule of action. It is one thing to love one's friend, but a different cup of tea to love one's enemies. Luke used some heavy words to refer to Jesus teachings on the love for enemies. The intent of the passage is not just one that is intended to hide feelings of love for the enemy through a flash o a smile or for one to mind his or her own business; rather the Christian must actively try to do good things towards their attackers. Luke used the Greek word ‘Agapao' in ancient manuscripts, a word that has been seemingly employed in Christian text to refer to the sought of love that is difficult to conceive. Perhaps, it is a kind of love that does not serve itself, rather one that is designed to be used for the sake of others. The common Greek words that means love is ‘philos, ' and it was mostly confined to the love for friends and family. The Greek word is in an active voice refers to the deliberate steps that one should take to do good to the enemy. To understand the passage, one might seek to know the meaning of the term enemies. Enemies refer to the people that hate the Christian, and not the people the Christian hate. People whose evil actions one has probably exposed, and may be involved in an active pursuit of revenge. Luke teachings indicate that Jesus wants his disciples to go out and actively seek their good. It would be important to pursue the meaning of loving the enemy. Loving the enemy does not just imply having

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