Longer Analysis of Michel Tremblay’s novel,

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Student’s Name Tutor Course Date Longer Analysis of Michel Tremblay's In most cases before a writer resolves to write and sharing their messages with their readers they tend to have encountered a life actuating factor that drives them to certain themes of concern. In a societal setting, there is exposure of people to different aspects of life that ends up commanding their ways of life. For instance, it is quite prevalent to have societies established by gender roles where every member has defined duties to meet according to their gender. Many communities have men assigned to heavy that needs a lot of energy input, whereas women do light duties. Therefore, any individual brought up in such a societal system they are more likely to adhere to the norms of the community. However, upon limited exposure to this commands as well as exposure to some powerful negative influence, some individuals would find themselves assume unexpected gender roles. In Michel Tremblay’s novel, The Heart Laid Bare there is the expression of a society that has been invaded with homosexuality as a way of life that to a given extent has found tolerance in the society. Jean-Marc, the central character in the novel, portrays the ways through which homosexuality manifests itself in the society as well as how the affair is embraced between the couples. Therefore, besides homosexuality manifesting as a result of parental upbringing, peer influence, environment and coercion, those involved encounter seclusion, regrets, and unfaithfulness as they strive to meet their femininity and masculinity interests. It is to be understood that the parental upbringing dictates the future preferences of the

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