long-term health consequences on abused women

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Research Proposal Long-Term Mental Health Consequences of Domestically Abused Women in Canada *** Submitted to *** ***** Dated (day. month. year) TABLE OF CONTENTS TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.0: Abstract PAGEREF _Toc467232267 h 32.0: Introduction. PAGEREF _Toc467232268 h 43.0: Literature Review. PAGEREF _Toc467232269 h 54.0: Statement of the Problem. PAGEREF _Toc467232270 h 74.1: Research Questions. PAGEREF _Toc467232271 h 74.2: Research hypotheses. PAGEREF _Toc467232272 h 74.3: Objectives of the Study. PAGEREF _Toc467232273 h 85.0: Methodology PAGEREF _Toc467232274 h 85.1: Research Approach. PAGEREF _Toc467232275 h 85.2: Pilot Study. PAGEREF _Toc467232276 h 95.3: Data Collection and. PAGEREF _Toc467232277 h 95.4: Data Analysis. PAGEREF _Toc467232278 h 96.0: Structure. PAGEREF _Toc467232279 h 107.0: Conclusion. PAGEREF _Toc467232280 h 10References PAGEREF _Toc467232281 h 12Appendix: Consent form: PAGEREF _Toc467232282 h 13 1.0: AbstractAbuse of women has become a global concern in many regions of the world. This research will aim at providing insight into the long-term mental health impacts of abuse on women. In gathering the data for the research, three hospitals will be essential in providing the needed data to lay the foundation for the study. This hospital includes Lois Hole Hospital for Women, BC Women's Hospital & Health Center and Women's Health Clinic, Winnipeg. A sample of ten randomly selected abuse related cases will be examined and the necessary data extracted from it making the sample size of the research to be 30 cases. Also for more information, there will be liaising with Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Ottawa Hospital Research

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