Location Planning and Analysis

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Location and Planning Introduction Firms need to make decisions concerned with locations of operations for various reasons This presentation seeks to evaluate on this issue and its related aspects Research Question What does a firm need to make decision on locations of operations? Location Decisions Necessity for Location Decisions To enable firms expand their markets To enables the firms compliment with an existing system To enable firms in looking a friendly environment for its operations Nature of Location Decisions Firms need to make decisions that will lead to expansion of their markets A new location is essential to a firm for the creation of alternative or option for the existing market Firms may need to relocate due to the straining costs in business operations from the current location 4.0 Global Locations The move has resulted into the opening of new markets and increment in the dispersion of manufacturing and services all over the globe Reasons for Globalization Locations Reduction in barriers to international trade among bodies such as NAFTA, GATT, EU and US-China relations Advancement in communication technology Opening of new markets Increment in production 4.2 Benefits of Globalization Locations Enables the companies to seek for wider markets for their goods, services and customers Saves costs in areas such as transport, labor, raw materials and taxations Fewer restrictions and regulations in the environment of operations Companies may be safe from impacts out of change in currencies in different countries. 4.3 Disadvantages of Globalization Locations Poor infrastructure in place may lead to high transportation

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