Live as if you Were to Die Tomorrow

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Human beings are one of the smallest creatures living in the world, but they spent most of their entire life struggling to earn a living. We do not even have time spend with our families. The common ways of hustling for survival are repeated each and every day. We are no longer motivated to strive for knowledge explore new heights in life. Notably, we were born therefore we shall die one day. We cannot destroy the natural law of creation. When one person dies, another person rises on another part to take its position. Many people die each and every day.I ask myself always about the significance of the person's life on the earth. Did the person do anything that at least pleased his or her life? Our race in life makes us forget the desires which we had while we were still young. The emotions proved to be pure in our childhood. The memories of our childhood make us nostalgic when they come to our minds. The underlying reason behind the nostalgia is that those days were filled enjoyment as we intermingled with our friends, learn and play. The poems I learned in my childhood still hover in my mind because I did it with heartiest endeavors. Surprisingly, we shall never see again the day we have spent. Consequently, we need to live as if we shall never live another day again. Live as if you only have few days to enjoy in this world. We have to enjoy the time we have with those who are near to us and do what we enjoy doing. We are all slaves to the economic system of this world. Find the truth about life by exploring what lies behind your desires. Exploring what you desire demands knowledge. Seek as much knowledge as you can. Your central vision should be an urge to transfer the

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