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literature review is very important because the writer is able to introduce the research topic. It contains the introduction part where the writer goes ahead to support the topic design and the research question. In general, literature review acts as the guideline on how to write the rest of the paper. All the major points to be used in the writing are well laid out in the literature review. The literature review was so important in understanding well the research review because all the vital points to be used in the topic were included. The main type of sampling used is probability sampling. In this type of sampling, it is assumed that the sample chosen will automatically represent the whole...

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Literature Review Draft Name Institutional Affiliation Date Essay 5-Literature Review Draft Was the outline a useful pre-drafting tool? The outline proved to be a very useful pre-drafting tool. With the outline, I was able to give my topic and research structure as well as meaning. This way, I was able to organize my ideas in a manner that effectively communicates the said ideas to readers. However, I had to engage in some exercises prior to coming up with the outline. These included brainstorming, freewriting, listing as well as clustering (VanderMey, Meyer, Rys and Sebranek, 2014). Prior to writing the outline, I had so many ideas, some of which were not very strong. Through listing and...