Literature Review probation vs incarceration cost

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LITERATURE REVIEW PROBATION VS INCARCERATION COST Name Institution Abstract Currently, the American correctional facilities are overstretched due to the United States harboring the largest prison population in the world, with operating costs running into billions of dollars. Furthermore, the U.S penal system has one of the highest recidivism rates, with over half of released inmates finding themselves back in prison within five years of their first incarceration. Experts have noted that the U.S criminal justice system is more punishment oriented, compared with other developed nations, like Norway, who have a steadily declining prison population due to the alternative approaches that have been established. One of the more humane and profitable strategies that have been cited as more favorable is the probation of non-violent offenders, convicted of relatively small offenses such as marijuana possession and other victimless crimes. Other solutions that have been touted include fines, supervision programs, community service and drug addiction treatment among other solutions that have been hailed as cost effective, resulting in more money that can be utilized in crime prevention and other development projects. This study seeks to establish the benefits of probation concerning costs, offers reintegration into society and any other benefits compared to incarceration at a federal, state or county facility. The United States, for a developed country, is faced with numerous hurdles in the attempt to curtail a rapidly growing crime rate, which has resulted in a prison population that is the largest globally. For instance, in 2013, the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)

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