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Strategic Human Resource Management Name Institution Abstract Human Resource Management has been considered to be one of the determinants of the performance of a company. The practice in which it is handled to reconcile with the other departments including the management is paramount in determining the overall output of the organization. The key stakeholders of a firm being the employees must be properly handled to get maximum output from their efforts. This brings in the notion of the strategies that are employed critically depending on the indicators for an optimal business performance and much more the competition in the market environment. The workforce is critical, and the method employed to harness their potential profoundly determines their output. The greatest focus should be in ensuring that the objectives of the company are met, this must be aligned with the management to match the methods and the strategies employed. The essence of strategic Human Resource in different companies is to make sure that the objectives of the companies are met and hence this former the crucial part that the HRM plays to ensure that the available employees and if need be additional number deliver appropriately. The paper presents a literature review of the works by difference authors on the position on how the different strategies or actions of the HRM can be implemented efficiently to realize a better return. Key words. Strategic Human resource management, organization, employee Strategic Human Resource Management Threats exist in every industry, and therefore it is the responsibility of every management to capitalize on the opportunities that are presented by the

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