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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Literature Analysis Heaven is good, and hell is bad. Good is right, and evil is wrong. These are two statements that almost everybody of us has been told ever since they were young kids. This essay attempts to discuss these two theories as presented in the writings of William Blake. The two readings include; all religions are one and the marriage of heaven and hell. In the two texts, Blake attempts to put across the same message in a way, although it might not be very evident from the surface. The writing all religions are one is a piece of literature, basically a series of philosophical aphorisms, which state explain precisely how all religions are the same. The marriage of heaven and hell on the other side is a piece of literature which is in poem form. Nevertheless, as much as the two pieces are different, they in a way portray the same themes. As it is, heaven and hell are entirely different and opposite (Samartha, 98). This is a theme present in both writings. However, Blake does not present them as naturally as the statement may sound. He attempts to show that life does not consist of such neat polarities. Good and evil are a bit more complicated than they seem. This notion suggests that life is more like a giant pulsing mass of energy, which needs and includes darker impulses than those which we attempt to avoid. In all religions are one, Blake passes across the message that all religions have a common source, or how is it that the definition of good and bad is almost the same in virtually all of the world’s religions? The marriage of heaven and hell is no different. Basically, the topic itself is

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