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NameInstructor Course Date Jerry in President Cleveland story Choosing friends and your favorite hobbies as a child and in turn, giving them priority over your family is a complicated thing ever. In the story of President Cleveland, Where are you? By Robert Cormier, we encounter a boy by the name Jerry. The main character in the story is Jerry whose hobby is collecting cards and ultimately he faces a dilemma of whether to devote to his family or support his hobby. The paper authenticates blatantly the theme of giving than receiving as discussed on the main character Jerry in the short story of President Cleveland. In the beginning of the story Jerry is portrait as an immature and selfish boy and as a young boy he was callous of other things but only concentrated on collecting cowboy cards. Every time he had money he would rush to the store to buy trading cards together with his friends (CORMIER, 25). He had a serious obsession with the cards to an extent that his older brother Armand would ask him money to buy a birthday gift for his father but would object and only provide a little in form of a nickel. Jerry protested to his brother’s genuine request and he only talks about how he didn’t have a single Ken Maynard left with him and had to buy some on that afternoon. He is worried so much about the New president cards hitting the market and even when his little siblings got tong cells which were to be removed he doesn’t care but instead, he only rushed for more cards from the market (CORMIER, 27). In this situation, he was to look back to his family and give priority to their needs and at least support his father who by that time was overwhelmed with

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