Literary Biography Thoreau

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Name Instructor Course Date Literary Biography Thoreau Thoreau is a phenomenal writer and philosopher born at Concord in Massachusetts in 1817. He was as a naturalist and transcendentalist throughout his life until his death on May 6, 1862.Even though he had only two books published during his lifetime, he wrote essays that have found platforms in the field of literature, and they are mainly characterized by the themes of nature and civil rights. The theme of nature dominates Thoreau’s works, both books and essays. Having studied in Harvard, he met Ralph Waldo Emerson who influenced his literature aspects (Robinson 11). When Henry moved to Walden, he lived a very simple and rustic life on Emerson’s property where he observed nature well enough to write, ‘A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers’ published in 1849.Thoreau uses his first book to bring out his ideas and experiences with nature. His second book, ‘Walden,’ focused on Thoreau’s simple life. He intended to show people that they could better their situations since the book focused on ways to improve self. Similarly, essays such as the ‘Succession of Trees’ bring out his observations of nature while incorporating them with transcendentalist views of nature being divine. Thoreau’s literature is flooded with acts of civil rights. The most famous essay, ‘Resistance to Civil Government’, now known as ‘Civil Disobedience’ reflects on his views on politics and development. He wrote the essay based on the one night he spent in jail after failing to pay taxes as he protested against slavery. He also intended to show the need for upholding human rights. Other works that support human

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