Literary Analysis on Book Inferno by Dante

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Author Tutor Course Date. Literary Analysis on Book Inferno by Dante Dante’s book Inferno tells of his vivid journey through the depths of hell. Dante constructs a clear depiction of his encounters along the way, and the reader at some point is at crossroads for interpretation. Through the aid of Virgil who was spurred by Beatrice the symbol of Divine love, he goes on a path of redemption and repentance. In each Canto, something more in-depth about sin is revealed, and more emphasis put on the political injustices that were in the society. Inferno represents a culture comprised of commoners, politicians, clergy, lovers all who find themselves being punished for their sins and vices. Metaphors, symbolism and allegory are found in almost every line hence a complete description, and proper interpretation is crucial to understand Dante’s poem. In Canto 1, Dante finds himself in a dark wood assailed by three beasts; the lion, leopard and a she-wolf with no option rather than to retreat. The distractions make it hard for him to move forward. The dark forest has been used metaphorically to represent the world that the author thought was rotten during 1300, strayed from the right path of salvation. It was an era that was characterized by political corruption, injustices and bad behaviour of the pope. All these caused emotional confusion and sin among many people including Dante. Redemption was therefore made impossible due to the continual temptation of sin. The three beasts he encounters are taken from the book of Jeremiah in the bible and symbolize the three kinds of sins that cause an unrepentant person to go to hell. According to biblical interpretation, the

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