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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: The Captured Goddess Literary Analysis ‘The Captured Goddess,’ by Amy Lowell was published in 1955 among other popular poems in an anthology named Complete Poems. The poem talks about a captivating goddess hovering over a town in a myriad of colors which brightens the town's dull life. As the narrator follows the Goddess for her beauty, she finds her in the street captured and put up in the marketplace for sale. The poem's central theme human greed as they are willing to sell a Goddess, a savior of the town, to the highest bidder. In the poem, Lowell uses Imagism as the language, follows the narrative style and the bulk of it has a hopeful tone which later becomes sad. The Author uses imagery as the core language of the poem. Lowell uses strong words to create visual images of the Goddess as she hovers over the street. The words used to describe the Goddess, portray her as a bright and colorful being that comes from heaven to save the dull town. In describing the Goddess, Lowell uses the words ‘shiver of Amethyst, blue and cinnamon’ amongst other phases that show that she represents wealth and is set to put in order what has gone wrong in the town (Baym & Levine 193). When the men capture the Goddess, the author says that ‘Her fluted wings were fastened to her sides with cords,' which brings images of her capture into the reader's mind. Moreover, she writes of how men were bargaining to take the goddess home using their gold and silver. The words used in describing the bidding of the Goddess at the marketplace paints an ideal picture of a market or an auction center as intended by the author. Thus,

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