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Name Instructor Course Date Literary Analysis Making decisions is a part of life. Good decisions bring good effects to the decision-maker while poor decisions negatively affect the life of the decision-maker. The short story, ‘To Build A Fire’ by Jack London, efficaciously shows how poor decisions harm the decision-maker. The story is about a young man who has the determination to travel across extremely cold weather just to meet with his friends. However, in trying to fulfill his desire, the young man portrays the importance of respecting nature as it controls everything. The idea of naturalism comes into play because the young man’s actions and decisions are controlled by nature, which later leads to his death. The whole story hinges upon the poor decisions that the young man makes, which include not asking someone to accompany him on his journey, making a fire in the wrong place, and failing to build a good relationship with the dog when he should have done so. One of the poor decisions that the young man made was embarking on the journey alone. When embarking on a dangerous journey, one should ask for company. “The old−timer had been very serious in laying down the law that no man must travel alone in the Klondike after fifty below” (London 5). However, the inexperienced young man ignored this piece of advice. He dies before reaching his destination. Had the young man listened to the advice and asked for company, he would not have died as miserably as he did, since the other person would have advised him on what to do. His death was because of his poor decision of going alone. In extremely cold weather, making a fire can go a long way in

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