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Interactive learning centers Institution Affiliation Course Professor Date Interactive learning is a practical way of giving instructions to the student. Interactive learning ensures that the student is actively engaged in the use of various techniques including technology. In interactive learning, the emphasis is put on constant student-teacher interaction, student-student relations through peer learning and even student-parent communication. Unlike passive learning, in interactive learning, the learner acquires problem-solving skills rather than the just theoretical application of knowledge. Below are five phonic learning centers that will help review and practice skills in an interactive, social and reflective learning environment. Our first interactive learning center is a primary grade one classroom. This class is parted into sections essential in giving instructions; there are tables for small groups of two students at the back of the class, chairs arranged for the teaching of the whole class and private sections for individual learning. In this level, the leaner is required to identify various sounds in a word. To achieve this, the teacher has to come up with creative ways that will help actively involve the learners in the process. These are called interactive elements. In this case, the teacher can design colorful cards each dividing various words into their inclusive sounds. The teacher can then distribute the cards to each student and give them favorable time to understand the process of identifying the sounds in a word as indicated in the cards. To socially engage the students in the process of identification of sounds, the teacher can now put the

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