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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Class Date Literacy Interview; Importance of Nursing I have recently interviewed my sister who works as a nurse in her profession. Aged 30, she has been in this profession since my days in high school. Most of the interview included the skills needed as well as the various difference that are being influenced by technology in regards to literacy. This makes her competent in the present system regarding healthcare. The current world depends more on technology such as the use of computers for storing information as well as other devices such as mobile phones for communication. In regards to literacy, nursing as a profession involves the interpretation of data. Data mostly comes from the health records of the various patients. This introduces the need to read and write. Reading helps in interoperation of the prescription by the doctors. Lack of knowledge in reading can lead the nurse to give the wrong medication. In the course of my interview, I realized that there were changes in the setting of a hospital. There are now more computers hence changes on the shelves with fewer files. Consequently, the changes in the workplace have also improved the whole dimension of literacy. Literacy being described as the ability to read and write has met a few changes due to the introduction of information technology in the healthcare sector. The changes are meant to bring efficiency as computers tend to process information faster as compared to the human brain regarding calculations. Literacy in the current setting of nursing as reported by Saunders, Hannele, and Katri (128-140) is more characterized by the use of information technology such as

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