Literacy: Differentiation of Instruciton for Diverse Learners

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Differentiation of Instructions for Diverse Learners Institution Affiliation Course Professor Date The learning abilities of students are affected by many factors. These factors have an impact on their view of various issues, their attitudes, interests, and understanding of what they learn. Some of these factors are; cultural backgrounds, family backgrounds, social and economic backgrounds, and gender. In almost all learning centers, students come from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, their, interests, attitudes and views differ, making their needs unique. To achieve quality learning, there is need to differentiate instructions to address the unique needs of each learner (Tomlinson, 2014). The unique needs learners may have include; “varying readiness towards tackling specific subjects, some students may have learning problems in various fields, some may be over-achievers in some subjects, while some may have special needs and physical impairments” (John & Joseph, 2015). Below are ways in which the differentiation approach can be applied to satisfy these needs. First, differentiation focuses on what needs to be learned, the core of each subject area. By so doing, the teacher can streamline what is expected of every learner. The teacher is, therefore, able to know the essential standards each learner should attain in each subject. This knowledge can enable him, or her steer the learners towards the right direction (Heacox, 2012). Second, in differentiation, the teacher continuously assesses the current state of learners and compares it with the required standards. The information gained from the assessments helps the teacher know the

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