Literacy and the arts

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Literacy and the Arts Art literacy is the use of artistic art including visual arts, musical arts, and dance and theater arts to make the students participate actively in their respective classes or lessons. Students participate in physical interactions, reading, and creation and recreation of the artistic work (Sorensen 3). The activity improves the student’s communication skills, writing and reading skills. For this assignment, we will examine how we can use photography to integrate literacy class. The photo above shows the cotton pickers in slavery era. HOW THE PHOTO IS USED TO INTEGRATE LITERACY Ask the students to redraw: The main purpose of using art is to make the students create an image in their minds so that they can understand what is happening in the photograph. It is true that people learn best using images than they do when they use words (Sorensen 6). Additionally, observation boosts the critical thinking skills of the students. When trying to analyze the events that took place, they position themselves in the place of the people in the photograph, for example, one tries to think of how the people managed to pick the cotton without gloves and on such a foggy day (Sorensen 13). Setting discussions about the picture in the classroom: It enhances the communication skills of the students through generating different arguments about the same picture. In the above picture, some students may argue that it depicts slavery while others suggest that it shows the contribution of the people in the picture towards the economy of the United States (Sorensen 6). The debate and discussion raise the student’s ability to communicate. Narrate or describe what

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