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Literacy Research Summary Name Institution Literacy Research Summary Abstract The paper assesses information from different articles that support the area of literacy with strategies to promote enhanced reading and writing skills in poverty homes and schools. The literacy program at Graceville Elementary School is part of the evaluation. To develop information, I will have to consult from researched based articles. The different authors who have written the articles are professionals who have done adequate research on literacy through experiments and interviews. The information provided is, therefore valid and will assist in developing strategies to enhance the weakness of the literacy program at Graceville Elementary as described in Module I analysis, ‘An Overview of Graceville Elementary School’s Literacy Program: Pros, Cons, and Suggestive Changes’. Based on Module I, the SACS committee has developed communication tools which comprise of the classroom and school newspapers or invitations. However, many parents fail to attend meetings held at the school due to various commitments like caring for the young ones. But the schools provide these services which make it an invalid reason as to why they fail to attend. There have to be better strategies to improve literacy levels in schools and poor households. Literacy Research Summary Article 1: Wearmouth, J. (2004). Issues in addressing children's difficulties in literacy development through family-school partnerships. Curriculum Journal, 15(1), 5-17. According to article one, numerous students face challenges in learning, especially the ones whose education requirements remain unrecognized due to

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