List and explain the principles, programs, and sources of support of the two major parties, Democrats and Whigs

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Name Course Tutor Date The Democrats and the Whigs Party The Democratic party is indeed the oldest party in the United States and also one of the oldest parties among other world parties. The party traces it roots back to the Democratic-Republican party formed by both Thoman Jefferson and James Madison. However, the modern Democratic party was founded by Andrew Jackson around the year 1828. The Whig party was a United States political party that was active in the middle 19th century (Carpenter, Daniel & Benjamin 237). The party indeed existed for two decades and had two of its candidates elected as president that were Harison and Tyler. Both elected presidents in the Whigs party died while they in office. My goal in this paper is indeed to show the principles, programs, and sources of support of this two major parties. Principles of the Democratic partyThe party holds the principle of liberalism. The party indeed upholds both classical liberalism and also social liberalism, and it even gains a lot of supporters due to this principle. The party holds this principle by promoting universal health care, through enacting the passing of the patient protection and affordable care act. The party also pushes for legalization of marriage between people of the same sex and also strict laws on guns (Grossman & David 122). The party also further pushes on the protection of abortion rights and also environmental conservation laws. The party also holds the principle of progressiveness by ensuring that all citizens can acquire education and also by investing on scientific inventions. The Democrats who holds this principle also push for an increment in wages, equal pay

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