Linking Universities and Research Centers to the Public and Private Sector for Commercialization of Prototype projects in KSA.

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Name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: "Linking Universities and Research Centers to the Public and Private Sector for Commercialization of Prototype projects in KSA". The role that both universities and R & D centers play in the advancement of scientific knowledge is well-known to most members of the public. However, these centers can also be of importance to many public and private institutions. In recognition of this fact, the then US President George Bush, in September 2001, put up a council to advise the state on science and technology. The board was meant to advise the President on the good and bad policies on science and technology and help the national council for science and technology to secure the involvement of the private sector in its activities. The council put up by the president was known as the PCAST. Its role was to enable the President to get information from the academic community and the private sector on important issues to do with science and technology. In Saudi Arabia, Jazan University’s health and tropical medicine department play a similar role. It was the first university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to embark on a mission to address both tropical medicine and public health issues in the kingdom. Through state of the art technology, the institution will have the ability to advance and improve the health of the local population hence enhance their overall quality of life. Aims of Research To determine the reason why it is important to link learning and research centers to the private and public sector. To determine how possible it is to link the research centers with the public and private sector. Objectives of

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