Linear Programming

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Linear Programming The objective of any business is to maximize the profit generated from its operations. To attain desirable profits requires the firm to make optimal decisions, those that reduces the costs incurred and increases the revenues generated. An organization uses appropriate measures to ensure the resources available are used in the best possible way to result to optimal results. To improve the profits of the organization and the utilization of the inventory, there is the need for change in the percentage per bag. To achieve this, the firm should reduce the percentage per bag used in the production of the regular and deluxe mix. The surplus of the peanut, cashew and pecan need to be reduced and more of the almonds and walnut obtained in the organization to facilitate an increase in the sales level of the supreme mix. The percentages used in the production should be reduced to decrease the cost incurred and ensure the maximum utilization of the resources. The increase in the percentage employed in the supreme will result in the total sales and optimal utilization of the inventory. The nuts I would buy are the Almonds and the walnuts. An additional lb of Almonds increases the profits by $ 8.5, and the Walnuts would increase by $ 1.5. Hence, this will have a positive effect on the viability level of the association. The increase will also be useful in the production of the supreme mix to cover the debt of $ -0.175. Perishable inventory, this inventory takes a short time to expire. The inventory exposes the business to many undesirable situations. The longer the products stay in the store, the higher the chances of the products perishing. With these, the

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