Lillian Wald

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Lillian Wald Insert name: Institutional affiliation: Lillian Wald Question 1 Wald was born with an interest in the medical filed, and that explains her interest in studying nursing at the medical school within her local area. She was born and raised in Ohio, and that is where she started her nursing career. She started this, and for to increase her knowledge and pass it to the others, she began to teach the community on health awareness through the health classes that she held. Her intention was to reach each person in the society and ensure that people were no longer in ignorance on issues about health (Christopher et al., 2016). This was the foundation of her other moves and actions through the medical field as she became more involved in the nursing activities. She worked at a children’s asylum and an orphanage for children who came from humble backgrounds and later started teaching a home class from the poor immigrant families. Her dedication to her patients was evident in her move to live near them so as to give them undivided attention. Her nursing career later blossomed when she started the Henry Street Settlement and had external funding to help the organization take care of the poor people in the society who could not afford better medical care. Question 2 Wald started out her career in politics after the foundation of the Henry Street Settlement program which attracted the attention of the influential people in the society after they started funding her actions and thoughts in helping the poor. She got more publicized as people saw her as a heroine through her actions and that she was a leader in her activities. She later became a human right activist where

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