like a reflection need to summarize of the book kitchen confidential

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Name: Institution’s Name: Course: Date: Kitchen Confidential The book features one young man by the name Anthony Bourdain who not only does kitchen work at a restaurant in New York but also indulges in authorship. He is commonly known as Chef Jack Bourdain whose so-called culinary genius influences his general way of life. He engages himself in immoral activities such as abuse of drugs, boozing (Bourdain, p118) and sex. This happens before he is offered another job opportunity to serve at a restaurant in the New York (Bourdain, p82). He sobers up and takes the task where he operates as a senior chef. However, in his new work experience, he is offered only 48 hours to get his entire kitchen staffed and get prepared to attend to more than 300 customers. This might be the only challenge that may face him. Again, there will be something he is needed to prepare for. In life no one is ever perfect and therefore him as a chief Chef, he is bound to make a few mistakes here and there in his work. These mistakes are not self-evaluated. They are brought out by food critics and worse for his case; someone to do this is his ex. It is a common phenomenon to underscore in a test when someone doing the assessment is a foe. Bourdain was required to be a pro in cooking (Bourdain, p37) so that his ex, in New York Times publication would not show a bad picture of him from what she would be presenting as the state of the foods. However, Bourdain gets all his crew, and they are good to go. This book is typically the author’s professional narrative and basically what was happening behind the curtains in the kitchens at the restaurant (Bourdain, p112). The kitchen which is made

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