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Name: Institution Name: Course: Date: Choices Affecting the Outcome of Life Reflective Journal All the choices people make in life play an important role in shaping them and their entire lives. It is just about what you decide to associate with, to be with and what you feel you should consume regarding information. Information influences typically people especially after considering such media for consumption. However, the most influential choice I find worth sharing the choice of we hangs out with (Walton, & Spencer, p1). Friends, families, and relatives determine a lot in the success of our lives. One is likely to start doing what people are doing just because they are closely related. It is true people may contribute positively towards your success or negatively depend on who they are. A philosopher once said that if one could show him their friends, then he will definitely with any fear of contradiction tell the person he is. Personally, I have an experience of a life transformation due to friends, who were entirely my classmates. While in my high school I never used to be a top performer but was just an average student. A year before my final year, I got this two friends who were coincidentally top performers at the school(Walton, & Spencer, p1). At first, I did not like and adjust to their tight schedules of studying fast, but with time, they mentored me into a serious performer who knows what he wants. They made sure I attended group discussions, early morning preps and other academic engagements in our free time. Soon, I was at the top of the class. They influenced me positively and at the most added value to life. For this, I realized I

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