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license for any restrictions (AACN, 2017). The period before the individual study will also be sufficient for me to study and understand the requirements of the certification process. Further, the test plans are such that the exam tests the candidates for a set of patient care problems (AACN, 2017). All the issues in the examination and study exist as major categories. References AACN & AACN Certification Corporation, (2017), CCRN Credential Policy Position, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) and AACN Certification Corporation, 101 Columbia y Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. AACN, (2017), CCRN Exam Handbook (Adult • Pediatric • Neonatal). American Association of Critical-Care...

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license from the government to carry out businesses for instance counseling, social work as well as nursing. If any organizations, fail to get a license from the state, it may receive a penalty that may lead to closure or suspension of the agency. The difference between the federal licensing and accreditation is that federal requires that for one to start up a given business, he or she must apply for a license which is done by the state. On the other hand, private accreditation there is no licensing is required. The individual accreditation process just needs a third-party assessment (Boulet et al., 75). In the case of federal licensing if one fails to comply with the requirement may lead to...



license document provides a set of guidelines and rules that the plant must adhere to (Fanning, 2011). The paper aims to the show the personnel responsible for ensuring compliance with limiting conditions for operation and surveillance requirements at the nuclear generating plant and highlights the relationship between technical specifications and the physical defense in depth barriers. Limiting conditions for operation and surveillance requirements are two categories in the technical specifications document. Limiting conditions for operation are basically the conditions that oversee equipment operability at a nuclear generating plant. The operating conditions are known as modes. These conditions...

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license or passport even for those over 17 years old. Also, the fact that the court directed the FDA to do away with all age limits regarding the use of the contraceptive removes any fears that the contraceptive is harmful. To sum it up, I concur with those who say that girls below 17 should be permitted to access the contraceptive over the counter. However, the issue calls for more research because those who oppose this move say that the morning pill may pose adverse health implications to teenagers if wrongly used. On the other hand, proponents believe the pill is safe, and no age restrictions should be imposed. Parents also need to weigh in on this issue because it directly affects them. Works...

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