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Liberalism, as a political ideology, focuses on the protection of individual freedom and condemns social, economic inequality. Liberals stick to the idea that the government has the responsibility of ensuring equal opportunities for all its citizens. Liberals view equality of opportunities as an essential element of political structure and that the government should achieve it by eliminating all discriminatory practices. Achievement of significant public policies is the expectations of the liberal minded in a democratic government. Liberalism is a wide topic that covers all aspects of individual freedom including political, social, economic, cultural and religious observances (Zoffoli, 2012).This paper discusses the important factors that pertain liberalism as a political ideology and how this ideology has affected the lives of citizens and the political choices they make about their countries. How Liberalism is related to Democracy and Human Rights The political philosophy of liberalism is related to democracy where citizens have the freedom to express their thoughts and ideas about their government. In a democratic government, citizens are bestowed with the right to elect whom they wish and can exercise their authority as citizens to impeach the elected leaders who have failed to accomplish their promises. The relationship between democracy and liberalism is also seen in the sense that both ideas give the people their rights to express their free will about the governing system (Rossi, 2014). Most modern systems of government are democratic and are centered on liberal philosophies. Before the 19th century, the world was full of autocratic leadership systems where only

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