Level 5 Leadership

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Level 5 leadership Level 5 leadership is a concept established by Jim Collins in his quest to determine what it takes for a leader to achieve greatness. In short, it emphasizes more on strategies that a potential effective leader can utilize to reach the highest level of leadership fitness. There are certain qualities needed for any individual to be an effective leader. According to Jim Collin, the greatest leaders portrayed the qualities of being fearless, humility, modest, change-oriented, shy and every success is not a personal concern, but it was necessary for the entire team. Consequently, Jim Collin had previously identified other four level of leadership. For instance, level 1 leadership is based on highly handy people. Secondly, level 2 leadership is based on contributing team members. Thirdly, level 3 leadership is based on competent manager. Lastly, level 4 leadership relies on effective leaders (Collins, 13). Contrarily, there are various actions done by level 5 leaders that make them unique from other leaders. For example, they have the ability to notice and incorporate the right individuals in their team. Hence, this knowledge helps them towards achieving their objective. Additionally, level 5 leaders have the tendency of not shying away from accepting and facing harsh realities or truth. In many incidences, they usually do not lose hope during financial adversity (Collins, 29). More ever, the level 5 leaders always work hard through consistent effort in their quest to implement the laid down goals (Collins, 31). Furthermore, level 5 leaders are always critical in pushing judgments that would significantly impact

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