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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Letters from and to the Characters in Antigone Dear Abby,We have just returned to Thebes with an intention to help our brothers. Unfortunately, both of them are dead. One of them was given a decent burial. The king has given orders that nobody should bury my other brother. The king has said that anybody who will try to bury my brother will be put to death. I feel that we must give our brother a decent burial and to please the gods. My sister is not ready to support me towards giving our brother a dissent burial fearing that the king might punish us. Please advise me on how I can deal with this burial issue. Strong-willed Dear Strong-willed, I know how it feels to lose both your brothers at once. It is true that it is your obligation as a family to give your brother a dissent burial. It is not easy to do that against the will of the king. It will be important if you consider the possible consequences of burying your brother against the will of the king. You should think about how you can approach the king and convince him to allow the burial of your brother. Remember that it's only you and your sister who are alive in your family, your death will course your sister trouble, I want you to imagine what she will have to go through in case you proceed to bury your brother and the king wrath befalls you. Think of any other way to convince the king including talking to his close confidants to convince him. If the king refuses to allow it all cost, I would advise that you rethink your decision. I know that you are strong as your name suggest and you can survive this temptation. It is not advisable to go against the king

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