Letter to your dear friend

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Dear Friend It’s been long since I heard from you. I hope you are having a wonderful time. I heard that you have graduated and currently working in a bank. It must be really exciting, but I thought it wise to pass this message to you. My friend, I strongly believe in simple lifestyle. I have realized that you can achieve great satisfaction by living a simple lifestyle. I have a long history of a simple living. I was brought up in a humble village where most people lived a simple life. In the village, we were never accustomed to most expensive things our friends in town had. However, we were very satisfied with everything. Therefore, it was normal to be part of the larger community where life was simple for everyone. My parents took me to the simplest school within the community. It was a government school built for those people who could not afford the luxury of the private schools. However, I found much happiness and stability within our school. We could play around, sing, dance, and support each other in our school. The teachers instilled in us a sense of discipline that enabled us to live peacefully with everyone. With time, my parents wanted to transfer me to the new private school that was nearer our home but I refused. To me, relationships were more important than social class. Therefore, I preferred to live where people feel free with each other and give them the necessary support they deserve. During my early childhood years, I lived a happy and peaceful life. I realized from a tender age that true happiness comes from living a simple life. My siblings were constantly pressuring our parents to buy them expensive items. They wanted to copy the lifestyle the see

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