Let Your Life Speak

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I was raised in a peaceful and pretty favorable environment, and my life has largely been influenced and acquired a better shape as a result of this neighborhood. My academic life, social and personal growth largely depends on my family, home and the entire community in Al Ain in UAE. Apart from having both biological parents, I enjoyed the privilege of parenthood everywhere in the city. I grew in a neighborhood where every other adult was my parent and was willing to provide guidance, directions, advice and corrections when necessary. The community at AI Ain majorly insisted on good behavior, upholding of right morals and respect to everyone. There was a sense of responsibility and obligation towards the society among every individual, and I acquired this virtue at a tender age. The welfare of the community was crucial, and we could attend all the public functions, wedding, and funeral ceremonies. I was raised knowing that we are obligated to participate in the public activities, helping the elderly, the disadvantaged and the disabled. All these virtues have helped in my personal growth, social and academic life. I believe that my life is still speaking with great achievements, healthy relationships, and peaceful coexistence in the society. I continue to live my life with these attributes instilled as I grew. Apart from being a hardworking, principled and goal oriented, I feel obligated to help others in my surroundings whether emotionally or

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