Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender adoption rights

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Article Critique Name Institutional Affiliation Date Introduction Kemper and Reynaga (2015) research indicates that the number of children in need of adoptive homes has been on the increase over the last decade. Most of these children are withdrawn from their foster-care system without external family systems that are stable to provide adequate care for them. Despite the continuous prohibition of the non-traditional types of families, child adoption by transgender individuals remains the best option to cater for the needs of these children. However, social workers have varying attitudes towards LGBT adoptions. This attitude has a far reaching implication on the continuation of the traditional family lives. This particular paper, therefore, critiques the work of Kemper and Reynaga (2015) regarding attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adoptions. Criticism Kemper and Reynaga (2015) did an outstanding job by shading light on the attitudes of various social workers in relation to LGBT adoptions. As a result, the two researchers cite race, generation, gender, position and the previous LGBT training as the main factors that may positively or negatively affect the biasness of the social towards LGBT adoptions. It is evident that LGBT are doing a good job by deciding to adopt children who may be lacking parents and may be excluded in the normal care settings such as orphanages. LGBT assist such children by providing them adequate space and homes where they can acquire their human rights such as education and development from one stage of life to another. However, the greatest challenge in the development of these children lies in whether they may

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