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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Benefits of Leisure Some alone time or leisure benefits the body, mind, and soul. It serves as the gateway to the source of immutable contemplation as to what the body needs to thrive in adverse conditions. As such, leisure holds an essential key to the well-being of any individual (Brajša-Žganec, Merkaš and Šverko 82). Since the ages of Plato, emperors, conquers and the knowledgeable men of the distant past, people benefited from having some alone time. Upon visiting Alexandria in Egypt, the successor to Caesar took some time to enjoy the beauty of River Nile. Fast forward to the millennial people centered their lives on a workaholic culture in which the output was equivalent to the input. However, working consumes too much of individuals’ time. Somehow, the thought of work has gained more respect in society than the idea of leisure, but populace needs to reverse the culture. Josef Pieper philosophized that leisure is not only necessary for a goof life, but it is a tool against this culture of workaholics that inhibits people from achieving full potential (Pieper 56). Arguments in the paper aim at expressing how American would benefit from more leisure. In the context of Americans, benefits of leisure hours encompass changing the monotony of life and enable the persons to explore other important activities that improve the wellbeing. The absence of leisure time in the lives of many Americans has resulted in the emergence of lifestyle diseases. Studies evince increased cases of cardiovascular diseases in the United States of America. Essentially, the lifestyle disorders exemplify the overindulgence in one

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