Legalizing human organs sell

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Name Professor Course Date Sale of Human Organs Sale of human organs is a controversial issue due to the conservative nature of the society. There are thousands of people throughout the world with problems with kidneys. Only a few percentage are in an active waitlist, and the chances of getting these organs are depressiveCITATION Ric08 p 45 l 1033 (Knox 45). People prefer dying and getting buried with all their body parts as opposed to registering as an organ donor. The sale of certain body parts should be legal because it saves lives. The markets involved in the sale of these body parts are highly illegal because the demand is there, but the government fails to recognize its significance for human survival. Interestingly enough, these black markets are creating more death and misery than if it was legal. Cases of people getting kidnapping and waking up with some body parts such as one kidney missing still occur in the 21st century. Cherry found that the prices set for the stolen kidneys and other body parts are so high that only the wealthy can afford it (47). Moreover, economists believe that a legalized system would lower the prices on the laws of supply and demand. The prices are high because the products are few in the market. A legal system where people receive incentives to support the lives of others would reduce the demand and regulate prices. Some people believe that such a legal procedure would endanger the lives of human beings. It would suggest that selling of organs encourages exploitative habits, but the modern era of technology can easily monitor the activities and challenges surrounding the system and offer solutions as appropriate. For

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