Legalizing Abortion

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Abortion refers to the termination of a pregnancy before the time of birth has reached. Naturally, human beings have a nine-month gestation period hence when a fetus is expelled from the womb by artificial means before the full term is reached, then abortion has occurred. Arguments have been advanced regarding when life begins; some claim that conception marks the onset of life while others claim that parturition denotes the beginning of life. Further, some individuals will point out that a fetus does not enjoy constitutional rights such as living while others state that it has constitutional rights. Abortions at times have been regarded as murder hence implying that those who conduct them should be convicted of taking the life of another person. In some cultures, terminating a pregnancy before parturition is regarded to as a taboo while others consider it a population control measure. Diverse individuals will have differentiated opinions on why abortion should be legalized globally. Abortions are prohibited in most states, and people conducting them are dealt with by the law enforcement agencies. It has come to a point where motions are raised on the need to legalize abortions due to benefits associated with the action while others are against decriminalizing abortion due to the dangers linked to pregnancy cessation. Therefore, should countries raise the ban on abortions due to its pros or should pregnancy termination continue being illegal due to its dangers? Pros of legalizing abortion Legalizing abortions is a way of empowering women since it grants them the opportunity to make choices on whether to have offspring or not. Women should be allowed to make choices

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