Legalization of marijuana

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Benefits That Will Be Realized When the States Legalize the Use of Marijuana Introduction The debate surrounding the need to legalize marijuana rages on with both the people who oppose and proponents giving strong valid reasons for the legalization or not of the drug. Many researchers have developed studies that give inquest into the state of the drug, on whether it can be legalized or criminalized. This paper aims to further the research on the knowledge about the possible impacts, and benefits that legalizing marijuana would cause in the society, the economy and in the medical views. Background of the Study The need to legalize marijuana remains a core value to most organizations and people in the society. Marijuana use has remained largely illegal, and so people are not allowed to possess or use it without the express written doctor’s directions that would entail only the medical usages. In the past decade, more people have seen the need to have the drug legalized following the many reasons and possible benefits that may arise from such initiatives. The proponents of the legalization give variable reasons including its medical value in alleviating pains from AIDs, Epilepsy, and nausea from chemotherapy processes (Johnson 5-6). Moreover, Marijuana is also believed to create a greater economic impact when it is formally controlled and regulated in use by the state as a legal drug than when considered the illegal drug. As such, economists have been pushing for its legalization to help the government earn tax from its trade, as it has done with tobacco and alcohol. Objectives of the Study General Objectives The study will aim to identify

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