Legal processes

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Specific performance is indeed a type of legal process that a certain party decide to take when another party violates a given contractual agreement. Moreover, if the real value of damages caused to the other party cannot be assessed or the contract agreement was unique, a specific performance action must be taken (Miller & Roger n.d). Indeed, in this case, the American Kennel Club violate the agreement to give Validay the screen credit for the film, and there is no indeed a given amount of money that can compensate for this action and therefore Validay should be entitled to a specific performance. On the other hand, the AKC would claim that Validay was not entitled to the specific performance in addition to damages by arguing that the damages suffered by Validay can be compensated through offering a certain amount of money to them. They can also argue that fulfilling the contract would cause major problems to their company and also that the contract was unreasonable. The American Kennel Club would also argue that the contract was terminable at will by any party, and therefore they decided to terminate it. The Validay side argument is most convincing than the AKC argument. One of the reason is that the AKC decided to breach a unique contract agreement of giving Validay a screen credit statement. This kind of contract is indeed hard to compensate for any amount of money, and they indeed have to fulfill it. Also, some argument by the AKC such as that of terminating the contract is indeed not applicable especial when consumer protection rights are involved The delegation would mean that either party had the power or authority to transfer a certain responsibility in the

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