Legal of Aspects of healthcare final

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Legal Aspects of Healthcare Name: Institution: Abstract The healthcare industry is a highly managed institution by the federal government because it determines the economic, social, and political success of the society. As a result, several rules and regulations have been formulated to govern the running of the institutions within this industry for purposes of achieving affordable care. However, fraudulent activities have emerged ever since concerning the federal health care payments. Physicians can overcharge the government or provide under-quality products, which is a culpable act under the false claim act. Moreover, inflating charges for inpatient and outpatients services for personal gains can occur during hospital service delivery. Therefore, the government through various departments instituted fraud and abuse regulations to help curb this menace and ensure that the citizens receive what is due to them. Significant statutes that relate to healthcare include the False Claim Act, exclusive authorities, the stark law, anti-kickback laws and civil monetary penalties. These statues ensure that service delivery is offered with honesty and vigilance at the healthcare facilities. Legal Aspects of Healthcare Scenario Questions Revenue Sources and Tax Implication The institution is facing several issues because of revenue sources including health insurance exchanges, bed capacity, lack of physicians, reimbursement cuts, changing donor preferences and employee relations. The available covers that most of the patients in the community are using lead to lower reimbursement. As a result, we are forced to absorb the extra costs, which are leading the organization

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