legal issue about terrorism, security or disaster response

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Legal Issues in Counterterrorism Name Institution Legal Issues in Counterterrorism Terrorism has been identified as one of the biggest threat to global security. Despite it being a serious challenge for a long time, the world is still struggling to find a sustainable solution. In this battle, intelligence has been identified as the main breakthrough in preventing terror activities. In fact, gathering information about terror activities has been recognized as the only way to adequately mitigate the implications of terrorism. However, this has not been without challenges. Gathering intelligence merely interprets collecting information regarding a person or his/her primary intentions, and responding before the intentions are actualized. As such, intelligence gathering plays a critical role in thwarting potential terror attacks. However, gathering data sometimes requires the concerned agencies to violate personal privacy. Privacy, intelligence and terrorism issues have always elicited heated debates, in efforts to find common ground. Subsequently, Mark A. Randol (2009), in his publication outlines the importance of intelligence. According to this journal, one of the fundamental problems after September 11, 2001, attack was the breakdown of information sharing. Rescue and response teams were unable to mitigate the implications of the terror attack, mainly because there was no particular framework of sharing information. Since then, the United States took subsequent and cumulative measures exchange information among the security agencies to coordinate future terror attacks response. This is what led to the emphasis on the role of intelligence in counter-terrorism

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