Legacy Leader Charles Yeager

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Legacy Leader Charles Yeager Name Institutional affiliations Date Abstract From this paper, we explore Charles ‘Chuck’ Yeager as a legacy leader who achieved and set records during his time as a United States air force pilot and after his retirement. Yeager who was born in 1923 enlisted to the army air corps as a private. He is dubbed as one of the greatest pilots of all his. Some of his successes was escaping capture after his P-51 jet was downed over France. He downed five Germany plane two of which no short was fired. Chuck Yeager has been credited for breaking the sound barrier after he was chosen as a pilot for Bell X-1 after completing his training at the flight performance school. He also broke the second sound barrier with a Mach 2 speed. Chuck Yeager continued his service in the United States air force, and in 1954 he was dispatched to France as a commander of the bomber squadron. Because of his achievements he was named at the national aviation hall of fame. Yeager has also become a celebrity and has appeared in many documentaries. Keywords: air force, barrier, commander, sound, Yeager Introduction Charles ‘Chuck’ Yaeger was born on February 13, 1923, and he mainly grew up in the town of Hamlin. Soon after his graduation from high school in 1941, he was conscripted into the army air corps as a private. By proving that he was an outstanding pilot during the training period, Chuck Yeager was enlisted to the 8th air force for battle operations during the Second World War. When his P-51 Mustang plane was downed over France, he avoided being captured and run-away to Spain. He had an option of going home, but he requested to go back to combat this

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