Lee Vygotskys Theory of Learning Essay Examples

Problem 2


learning V is defined by the number of the interested parties. In essence, of the two MMs, only one can learn V, and at a cost of C Thus, each MM has a 50% chance of accessing C. Arguably, C = ½ Determining the party with the C in either case would involve finding the probability of both players securing the disclosure of the V value. In that case, MMn1 has ½ chances and MMn2 has ½ prospects. Cumulatively, they both have the product of their respective prospects, implying ¼ chances. On assumption, that would be the lowest possible value of C when reflected from the chances shared by the market. Suppose MM1 becomes informed for sure (p1 = 1) whereas MM2 does not become informed (p2 = 0)....

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learning is through learning by doing (Pappas, 2018). Adults combine multiple disciplines that offer different forms of knowledge; topics that affect their personal life experience are easy to understand for them. Learning for adults is inspired by results, if they are learning something useful, they will continue with the process. Lastly, adults have tight schedules due to their demanding routines such balancing between work, family and their education. The information provided in this article offers useful information that makes it possible for the reader to understand why adults behave the way they do when it comes to learning; this makes it a good article. Adult learners are more experienced...