Learning Styles

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Learning style depicts the special way that a student applies to absorb, practice, understand and retain information. The main idea behind education styles is the fact that each and every student absorbs differently. For instance, when trying to grasp a concept on how to make a timer, some of the students can comprehend the whole process by keenly following the verbal instructions from the trainer; others will tend to manipulate the clock by themselves (Broughton, Sinatra & Reynolds, 2007). The kind of individualized learning style has gained a lot of recognition in both the education theory and the classroom management plans. Specific learning styles normally rely on cognitive, environmental and emotional factors together with some prior experience on the subject problem. Due to the differences among the students, the educators need to comprehend the dissimilarities that exist among the way students learn. By understanding the variances, the educators will know the kind of strategies to employ in the course of their daily curriculum activities, and assessments (Ambrose, Bridges, DiPietro, Lovett & Norman, 2010). Several factors are tied to the learning styles and how learning works for instance: The students' prior knowledge is capable of hindering or helping a learning process; students normally get into various courses with some knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes they gained from their previous courses and their day to day life. The previous knowledge gained by the students can influence the way the students filter and interpret their current learning. If the prior knowledge of the students is quite robust and accurate, the student will have a strong basis to

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