Leading Product Management

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Leading Product Management Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Apple Corporation has been one of the most successful companies around the globe. The products offered by the company are unique thus making the firm penetrate deep into the American market. The innovative products made by the Apple Corporation tend to attract many of its users because the firm dedicates a lot of resources into conducting market research. Apple has become a well-established firm thus undertaking the opportunity to internationalize and operate in global market such as China. The company has of making sure all people have acquired products that innovative and unique. The Steve Jobs initiated the culture of innovativeness in the company which Tim Cooks, the current CEO has continued with the culture in leading in technological advancements. Apple Watch is an innovative product by the Apple Inc that was a commercial development that has become a success story (Cavusgil, 2016). Leadership at the Apple Corporation has been outstanding with each leader leaving the firm better than they had found it before. The kind of leadership that is practiced at the firm are in line with the description that Kotter has given on leadership and management. According to Kotter (2013), there is a distinction between management and leadership. Leadership is regarded as the art of inspiring, motivating, mentoring, and a role model to the employees being led. Kotter has defined management as making sure that the day to day expectations of a firm have met. The company has been leading in innovativeness through exercising outstanding leadership and management

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