Leading and empowering self and others

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Leading and Empowering Self and Others Student’s Name: Institution: Leading and Empowering Self and Others Empowerment is one of the qualities of a great leader. According to De Janasz, Dowd and Schneider (2015), empowerment involves a process of a leader sharing their power with subordinates. Organization models are shifting from where an organization’s activities were simplified and preplanned to a more decentralized model. Organizations now operate in an environment of intense competition and rapidly developing hence it is important to have employees who can manage themselves. Empowering employees allows them to be more involved in an organization’s activities since they have to make decisions, this speeds up the activities of the organization. And when employees feel they are playing a bigger role in the company’s success, they feel more motivated hence putting in more effort in what they do. Empowerment enables employees to grow in their careers. It also creates an open working environment (De Janasz et al., 2015). However, empowerment could lead higher costs of hiring workers. It is a bit difficult to find workers who are effective in a decentralized business model (De Janasz et al., 2015). According to Stuart Hayes (2011), empowerment is key to leadership. His video is very informative; he tries to explain the difference between a leader and a manager using the empowerment concept. He says leaders empower while managers control. Empowerment involves employees working autonomously while control involves employees working under a set of instructions. Empowerment enables, builds and motivates employees. On the other hand, control aims to remove

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