Leadership theories Exercise

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Leadership theories Exercise Question One The supervisors’ style of leadership is directing. It involves telling the students what to do, how to do it and when to do it. The supervisor recognizes that the students have low competence in that their skills are limited. He ensures that he is there to instruct the student on what to read, how to tackle assignments amongst other duties. Students have great enthusiasm and commitment to class, which eliminates the need for the supervisor to support in their tasks (Reed N.p). However, the supervisor monitors the students closely since directing requires him to see to it that the tasks are completed as directed. Therefore, the supervisor is a great leader as he responds to consider the students and tailors his leadership to their needs. Consequently, the students enjoy and maximize on their information intake during classes. Nevertheless, the instructor responds to each student differently depending on the situation. Question 2 In the course of the semester, the supervisors change their leadership style appropriately. For instance, during group works, the supervisors do not use the common directing style. One of the supervisors particularly uses the supporting style. The supervisor has already taught the students the subject under discussion and therefore expects that the students have moderate competence. The student’s knowledge in the topic is, therefore, sufficient for the students to perform the task at hand. However, he is also aware that the students need the necessary support to continue with the assignment. The support increases the student’s confidence, thereby, increasing their commitment towards the task (Reed

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